Design & engineering of energy efficiency measures

An energy efficient building reduces maintenance and utility costs, but, in many cases, improves durability, lessens noise, increases comfort and creates a healthy and safe indoor environment. A further goal of energy efficient construction is to limit damage to the ecosystem and reduce the use of natural resources like energy, land, water, and raw materials. Reducing energy consumption is crucial because it means fewer emissions of greenhouse gases, a known cause of global warming. Energy efficient measures can be integrated into new construction or retrofitted into an existing building. Fortunately, there are many methods, materials, and resources to help designers, architects, contractors and building owners move towards creating an energy efficient and high-performance building







Our Core Services

We offer the key conceptual design issues for planning the principal systems that influence energy efficiency are examined in detail. In addition, the following issues are addressed in turn: Background issues for sustainability and the design process Developing a strategic approach to energy-efficient design How to undertake load assessments System comparison and selection Space planning for services Post-occupancy evaluation of completed building services In order to deliver sustainable buildings, a new perspective is needed amongst building and services engineering designers, from the outset of the conceptual design stage and throughout the whole design process.

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Our Other Services

We provide the best solutions and techniques in delivering energy efficiency projects. We carefully listen to our clients and give the solution according to the best interest and needs. We also provide Energy Audit, Energy efficiency project management, Energy measurement and verification, Energy data review and audits for Industrial Plants and Energy Efficiency design review for Industrial Plants
Energy data review and audits for Industrial Plants
Energy efficiency project management
Energy measurement and verification
Energy Efficiency design review for Industrial Plants